There is hope for the Grundys’ illicit pole barn if they apply for planning permission retrospectively.

Radio Times: Photo opportunity at Glebe Cottage.

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  • Phil and Jill are out for a walk near Ambridge Hall, after being up to Long Wood to admire the bluebells. Phil is preoccupied over the loss of some seedlings, Jill tells him he’ll just have to get his bedding plants from the garden centre. They meet Robert who invites them in to look at the llamas, but since they have Jet with them they decline the offer.
  • Lynda is worried that she isn’t getting on as well with Constanza as she would wish. Lynda has planned her garden with her designers, they are going to refurbish the low allergen area, extend the life of the house into the garden by putting a gas heater on the patio and solar power lights round the water feature, and have a Shakespearean theme, using flowers mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays.
  • In the Grundy’s new field, Joe is surprised to find an enforcement officer from South Borsetshire District Council who has come to measure the pole barn as there’s been a complaint. He checks the dimensions of the barn and tells Joe that they can apply for retrospective planning permission, giving Joe all the relevant paperwork to complete. Annoyed, Joe goes off to find Lynda, who he reckons is the person who has complained. Instead he finds Jamie and Robert grooming Constanza; Lynda has gone out with Wolfgang.
  • Jill is busy at Glebe Cottage preparing an apple pie, discussing what the new vicar will be like when Wolfgang pops his head through Jill’s kitchen window and starts eating some of her apples. She refuses to move despite Lynda’s tugging on the tether. Phil is so amused that he photographs the scene, and Lynda has to tempt Wolfgang out of the kitchen with some apple peel.

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