Adam is the local cricketing hero; Will attacks Ed when he discovers Ed was out with Emma the other night.

Radio Times: William’s on the warpath.

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  • Its the first cricket match of the season against Borchester Old Boys and a very nervous Sid is standing on the sidelines as David gets bowled out. A confident Adam takes the crease. Sid’s scepticism of Adam’s talent turns to elation as, on his first ball, he strikes a six. Meanwhile Will departs, much to Sid’s frustration, though it seems he is definitely upset about something.
  • Will’s upset was due to Fallon having told him about Emma and Ed going out the other night. He goes round to see Emma and confronts her. He is clearly not happy about her association with his loser of a brother, but Emma is adamant that it is not for Will to tell her what she can or can’t do. However there is no reasoning with him and after implying that Emma is stupid, she gets upset and tells him to go.
  • Celebration of the cricket victory is in full swing at the Bull. Adam was man of the match by a long chalk and everybody is congratulating the very modest champion. He turns down champagne in favour of a pint of Shires from David, and offers to return the favour if David accompanies him to the Felpersham farmers market on Thursday. Ed comes into the pub looking for Fallon. David asks how his ribs are and (unknowingly ironically) suggests that he (Ed) won’t be hugging too many people at the moment! Sid asks Ed if he knew what got into William earlier, but he claims no knowledge of his brothers movements. David and Alistair chat about the prospect of a new vicar (interviews for the candidates are taking place on Tuesday), and about arrangements for travel to Janet and Tim’s forthcoming wedding. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of an angry Will in search of his brother…
  • ….He finds him and an angry accusatory conversation regarding Emma follows. Ed claims innocence, claiming that going out with Emma the other night was just because they are mates. Will can take no more and punches Ed, seemingly knocking him to the ground clutching his already broken ribs. Sid breaks the brothers up and Will leaves, warning Ed to leave his girlfriend alone!

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