Showdown at the Eldorado as Ed is discovered on a date with Emma.

Radio Times: Fallon spots hot gossip.

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  • Suresh’s short stay in Ambridge is coming to an end; he has said goodbye to Marjorie and now it’s Jill’s turn. Following in his footsteps is Satya, come to talk to Jill about her plans to help Usha find a man.
  • He shouldn’t have phoned her but Emma does not seem too put out; Ed was just checking that she really is coming out with him tonight. No pressure but they will have a nice night out and see where it goes.
  • Fallon and Tom are painting walls; Fallon likes being part of his work. She doesn’t like seeing Ed wasting his time with Emma: it isn’t going to happen. A remark from Tom about Kirsty provokes a hot response – why is he still interested in Kirsty. They are looking forward to a night out, postponed from yesterday.
  • Ed didn’t know what a tapas bar was but Fallon had mentioned it and it sounded special. So here they are at Eldorado, where dreams come true, he and Emma tucked away in a corner where they cannot easily be seen.
  • Tom chose the restaurant on Helen’s recommendation – a tapas bar. Hey, look who is over there! It doesn’t look as if Emma is just saying thank you to Ed, although that is the explanation she gives when put on the spot.
  • Ed is determined not to let the incident spoil the evening which they both just wanted to enjoy.
  • Tom is also determined not to let it spoil their evening but he has to persuade Fallon that she should not tell Will. Emma should not get away with two-timing two brothers; certainly it is possible to have feelings for two people but it is not right to do anything about them. William will discover it soon enough if it is serious. Stay out of it.

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