Kenton unveils a controversial sign and Ed gives Emma a controversial sign.

Radio Times: A sign! A sign!

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  • Ed is pleased to receive a visitor, Fallon, because he still cannot comfortably stray far from the settee. He lets it slip a remark which is enough for Fallon to work out that he is stuck on Emma and her advice is to forget it. However, when Brenda takes over visiting duty, she has a different message and recommends that Ed joins her and Emma at The Bull tonight.
  • Kenton thinks it is cool and funky but Jack is not impressed; the neon sign says “Jaxx Caff”. Lynda, who is looking for Kenton, has a similar reaction to the spelling and wonders if they need planning permission; she has just written to the council about the Grundys’ eyesore, although Jack thinks her stance on that is unnecessary. She is most upset that her photo has appeared in the Echo and doesn’t find it nearly as funny as Kenton does.
  • In The Bull Emma is discussing her dilemma with Brenda: she loves Will but she also has feelings for Ed. She will take a leaf out of Will’s book and immerse herself in her new job.
  • Jack is still unhappy about that photo. It seems that Peggy is unhappy too; Jolene is unhappy because her photo didn’t appear in the Echo and because Sid never bought her any underwear like that! Fallon, whose night out with Tom has been thwarted by Kirsty going sick (coincidence?), thinks the spelling on Kenton’s neon sign is cool.
  • Emma decides to take her troubled mind home early. She is surprised to find Ed waiting outside to declare his love. If she doesn’t feel the same way, she had better kiss him goodbye; one kiss won’t hurt. They shouldn’t but they do. “Oh, Ed!” “Oh, Em!”

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