Business looks brighter for the Grundys. The economic future looks brighter for Josh.

Radio Times: The Grundys’ campsite has some glamorous new arrivals and Josh strikes a bargain with Pip.

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  • Eddie’s busy loading compost, but has to try and cheer Joe up. There’s a lack of custom at the Grundy vegetable stall, but at least Joe’s enjoying the sour expression on Susan’s face every time she passes.
  • Pip’s transformation from Fizz doesn’t appear to have done much for her manners. She’s rude to Ruth because she has got to knuckle down to her grassland project, and has agreed to help Kirsty at Arkwright Lake over the weekend, so time is an issue. Ruth suggests that Josh might help, since he’s bored. He’ll do it, but only as long as Pip pays him for his time.
  • The Grundy gloom is mitigated by the arrival on the bus of two New Zealand sheep-shearers, Alysha and Kerry. They met Bert at the agricultural show, and he suggested that they might like to see Ambridge. Eddie instantly offers them his camp-site for £10 a night; they agree to stay one night, buy some of Joe’s tomatoes and accept a lift to the site from Eddie.
  • Josh, reincarnated as a wunderkind, quickly learns to identify the various grasses and is a great, if unenthusiastic, help to Pip. He tells her that Jamie isn’t coping well; it’s not just Sid’s death, it’s the atmosphere between Kathy and Kenton. Pip seems to understand.
  • The sheep-shearers are enchanted with Eddie’s eco-friendly camp-site, and agree to stay a week. After Bert’s warnings about its awfulness, the reality has come as a pleasant surprise

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