Lilian shows who’s boss at Amside; Susan shows who’s boss at the shop.

Radio Times: Shula faces a baptism of fire at the community shop and Brenda makes a tactical error.

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  • Tom’s preoccupation with his pies is not shared by Brenda, who only half listens to his peroration on the subject on the subject as she sets off for work.
  • Lilian is less than pleased to discover that Brenda is once again several steps ahead of her in registering with estate agents, and even less pleased when Brenda answers the phone with ‘Matt Crawford’s Office.’ She reminds Brenda very firmly that this is her business.
  • Tom rings Brenda to tell her the latest news on his pie empire, but Brenda tells him not to ring her at work because Lilian has already had a go at her. Tom later tells Pat that the downtrodden Brenda actually has to eat a sandwich at her desk for lunch.
  • Because Jill has an emergency dental appointment, Shula stands in for her at the shop, to Susan’s fury. After all, Shula has not been through Susan’s training programme. Susan then discovers that Joe is selling vegetables on the green, and that Shula has actually dared to buy some carrots from him. Her fury reaches epic proportions, and Shula is given a lecture on loyalty.
  • Shula tells Kathy that she’ll organise a picnic and a walk for her joint birthday with Kenton. When Kathy relates this to Pat, she admits that it’s a relief; Jamie will have Daniel for company, and there will be no need to play happy families. Meanwhile she’s spending as much time as she can with Jamie – but somehow Jamie doesn’t seem to enjoy this…
  • While Susan is busy in the stock room, Pat calls for some stamps. Because she’s in a hurry, Shula sells her a book from the Post Office, but is caught red-handed by a now incandescent Susan. The Post Office is her private space and Shula must never enter it. The terminally self-righteous Shula actually laughs.

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