Vicky solves a mystery.

Radio Times: Josh and Jamie devise a lucrative enterprise, and there are mysterious goings-on at the village fete.

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  • At last the Ambridge fete has arrived and with it the Murder Mystery. Various female characters meet and giggle over it, and then the mystery guest makes his appearance; Colin Dexter wows them all with his charm, and makes Vicky screech even more irritatingly than usual.
  • David’s Thespian skills appear to be in short supply, but he appears to have learnt his part thoroughly in a very short time. Vicky throws herself into the quest to find the murderer, determined to win two signed Morse books.
  • Josh and Jamie are fed up, but decide it might be worth entering the Murder Mystery in order to sell the prize on. They have little success however, and meanwhile Kenton’s absence is noted.
  • Vicky pursues the Murder Mystery relentlessly and loudly, but is rewarded by being hailed the winner with Mike. Her joy is unalloyed and her screeching unremitting.

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