Cabin fever at Brookfield seems to be developing into something more serious …

Radio Times: Pat receives a resignation.

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  • Brookfield’s new lambs are, gratifyingly, healthy (fortunately they were all in the right place and didn’t need to be moved). Ruth’s been to Felpersham for a checkup (and given the all-clear), Bert dreams of going to Felpersham in the current situation. Even a practice session at the Bull with his quiz team (for Sid’s grand Easter quiz) seems like luxury.
  • Phil’s been trying to source some hay for their silage requirements and, late in the day, seems to have found somewhere that can provide them with some.
  • Shula arrives at the gate delivering her Red Cross parcels to the prisoners inside Brookfield. She brings with her a CD-ROM encyclopaedia for Bert! She asks after Pip, whose lessons are going well (her teacher has been on the phone), although Josh likes to get involved!
  • Into the evening and Bert’s impromptu quiz practice isn’t quite as exciting for Jill and David, Ruth and Phil having managed to be elsewhere. As they’re winding things up Ruth (who hadn’t gone to bed as David thought) comes in. She’s been out in the yard and would like David to come see. They’ve one cow who’s limping rather and David finds something on her back foot. It could be a sore or blister, it’s too dark to see. He’s shocked and worried and sends her straight back to the house to call Alistair …