Phoebe is unsettled without Kate and the Tucker/Carter hen operation is taking shape

Radio Times: Jill discusses the birds and bees.

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  • Jennifer and Betty are talking – Jennifer thinks Phoebe seems a bit unsettled. Neil and Roy come in but without Phoebe who has gone to the shop with Mike and Jennifer had so wanted to see her. There is then talk of the egg packing station preparations. Jennifer tries to talk to Roy – she has good news about Kate who is well in Cape Town and Lucas’ family have been most welcoming. Lucas is off to Jo’burg and then Kate will be driving up at the weekend. Apparently Phoebe’s toy Doggie has gone missing – Jennifer will look at her home.
  • Phil and Jill: Phil has been clearing out too and it will be a wrench for him as well, it will be the end of his working life, the end of an era. Are they going to take the hens? And the bees?
  • Neil and Betty – the light for seeing through eggs needs replacing and they must check out the regulations. Roy comes in and asks where the hen houses are. Neil says they are coming on Saturday and they’ll have to put them together themselves. The wedding arrangements are mentioned – 100 or so will be coming – and Mr Woolley is going to lend them the Bentley!
  • Brian and Jennifer: Jennifer has found Doggie. Mat has been on the phone to Brian about the next meeting and was cagey about the agenda – the meeting is on Thursday, the day Jennifer is to look after Phoebe. Roy comes with Phoebe who is tired – is that all, says Jennifer. Well, she got a bit upset talking about Kate. It would be best if Roy got her home – with Doggie. Brian says Jennifer will manage on Thursday though she thinks it will never be the same, Brian reassures her that it’ll be all right – Jennifer does hope so…

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