Nigel breaks the news of Nelson to Elizabeth, Jill faces the reality of what moving out of Brookfield will mean.

Radio Times: Bad news from overseas.

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  • Jill and David are talking while Jill begins the task of cleaning out all the cupboards before the move. Elizabeth’s check-up went well. Auntie Chris will be disappointed about Glebe Cottage and it could well take time to find somewhere else. Ruth’s check-up is this Thursday and David considered it would well be worth the risk of leaving the farm for this particular trip. Nigel hasn’t yet told Elizabeth about Nelson – and she had been closer than anyone to him.
  • David and Ruth are talking while looking at the lambs – it has been a long spring. The silage won’t last more than a few days and any new stock will have to be safe. They mention Elizabeth and David reassures Ruth that she is not to postpone her own check-up.
  • Nigel and Elizabeth are talking about business – Nigel is obviously building up to telling her about Nelson – Elizabeth feels she is very fit except for her cold – well, er, Nigel has had a phone call about Nelson – it’s bad news – he’s dead. It happened last week in Argentina. Elizabeth is shocked – so sad and she wishes she could have seen him once more – somehow she knew three years ago that that would be the last time she saw him.
  • Jill and Shula are on the phone talking about Nelson – there are rumours in the village, why was he in Argentina? He would have been 68 this year. David and Ruth come in, Jill hangs up and they talk of the difficulty of finding a silage supplier; Jill then talks about what furniture she will take to the cottage – Ruth says she’d love to keep the kitchen table – Jill leaves the room suddenly and Ruth goes after her – they talk of the move. Jill says it’s a big step for her and Phil – they will be leaving Brookfield and it will be harder than she thought.

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