How dare they! Nelson was never treated so shabbily.

Radio Times: The countryside marches.

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  • On the day that should have been the Countryside March, Brookfield is still closed to visitors, but with Betty delivers rations and Freda leaving little presents for Bert, life is bearable if not comfortable. A big Sunday dinner raises the spirits, although Ruth’s worried about how Pip and Josh will be missing each other. Jill cracks open a special vintage, revealing the news that they’ve decided to buy Glebe Cottage from Shula.
  • Shula phones – it seems Ruth’s fear were founded, Pip is missing her family and worried for the herd. Ruth decided that she can come home and be home-tutored on the farm for the duration. As Shula drops her at the gate Jill comes out with some sad news. Nigel’s been on the phone – Nelson Gabriel is dead.