Tearful farewells for Kate as she leaves with Phoebe, but with the promises of visits.

Radio Times: The final reckoning

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  • Pat meets Jennifer who is nervously looking for the car keys – and they are in the ignition all along! Jennifer and Brian will be taking Kate to the airport. Things are tense. Jennifer says that Kate is fond of Lucas and might well settle down with him so when would she be back? Jennifer enjoyed the 50th birthday party – and Pat will be 50 next year too! Oliver drives past rather fast – seems to be in a hurry.
  • Brian and Kate are weighing the bags on the bathroom scales. Brian gives her a camera as a leaving present – she must take lots of photos of her and Nolly. Kate now cannot find her old camera and it still has a film in it with pictures of Phoebe on it taken only last night – she cannot go with out it! Jennifer finds it though.
  • Alistair and Shula are talking about Pip and how she is not sleeping to well while staying with them though they haven’t told Ruth. They are trying to entertain her with a game of hide-and-seek. Pip is apparently worried about the cows at home. Everyone at Brookfield is coping though Bert is missing Freda. Betty leaves food at the end of the drive and they go down and collect it. Alistair will have to tell David how the party went – Shula didn’t go because she was looking after Pip. It had been a resounding success for Eddie!! Alistair goes off to search for Pip who went off to hide.
  • Brian and Jennifer at the airport – things are tense! Brian says one of them could take Phoebe out to S.A. – Jennifer is very pleased with this idea. Lucas takes Nolly so that Kate can say goodbye to her parents – kisses all round – they must telephone. Kate says this the right thing and Jennifer can bring Phoebe to S.A. – Kate says they will both be happier when she can come over to S.A.

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