Tony and Eddie’s party is a success and Kate bids Phoebe goodbye.

Radio Times: Is Kate bluffing?

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  • Kate’s told Roy that she’s leaving tomorrow. He wonders what has changed her mind but confides in his mum that he doesn’t much care what, he’s more thankful that she has dropped her plans to take Phoebe. Kate will be visiting this evening to say goodbye.
  • In the village hall Pat and Clarrie are preparing for tonight’s party, although Eddie wanders in (with the disinfectant foot bath) on some of their more secret preparations of a photo display – Clarrie kicks him out sharpish!
  • Kate arrives as Roy’s leaving and offers to babysit so that Hayley can go to the party, too. Betty’s slightly surprised at the faith Roy and Hayley are showing in Kate by leaving her alone with Phoebe tonight of all nights. Kate shares a touching moment with her daughter as she leaves her, sleeping.
  • The party is a roaring success with plenty of nostalgia and reminiscences at the photos and the fashions! Tony’s touched by his birthday book.