A fight for Glebe Cottage is on the cards and Kate finally decides.

Radio Times: Shula has a full house.

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  • George isn’t so keen on the idea of leaving his garden, but they both agree that it’s time to move on and Glebe cottage could be the perfect place. But when George goes over, tape measure in hand, Shula has to break it to them that Phil and Jill are also interested. George is quick to step back, although Shula (ever the estate agent) would relish the competition!
  • Lucas is pressing Kate for a decision. He wants her to come back with him, although, ironically, she can’t bring herself to trust Roy to bring Phoebe out to her if she does go.
  • Brian assures Kate that he and Jennifer will keep the family connection up with Phoebe and help with fares for them to visit each other. Later he and Lucas are discussing the situation, Lucas is confident of a decision when Kate comes in. She’s looking for her backpack. She’s decided to go. It’s not fair that she has to choose, but she can’t leave him. She doesn’t want to lose Phoebe, but, tearfully, she tells him that she will go home with him.