The seventies will live again as Bert moves into Brookfield

Radio Times: A showdown at County Hall.

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  • Retro-kitsch is the order of the day as Pat and Clarrie discuss the 60s and 70s for the party. Clarrie hides a whole Edam under her jumper which Eddie jokes as, if not a bun, then a cheese roll, in the oven! He’s delivering Lynda’s car stickers which Pat isn’t so keen on. (Lynda is worried about her goats’ future …)
  • Pip’s enjoying staying at Glebe Cottage – although she’s not the quietest houseguest! Alistair is rushing from pillar to post, while Shula and the stables are pretty quiet. She’s having doubts about the stable purchase, but Alistair keen to press on.
  • Bert arrives for his stay at Brookfield and is happy when Jill delivers blankets to the bungalow rather than the resident duvet. Later he’s fighting with the microwave to re-heat a meat pie of Freda’s when David and Ruth invite him up to the farmhouse for supper. Bert’s settling in for duration. While David would rather it wasn’t even considered, if there are any more local cases, they could be holed up for weeks (although Sid’s offered to deliver anything carryable, so it might not be so bad!)