Brookfield gets re-arranged and Roy is not giving Kate an inch

Radio Times: Lynda ups the ante.

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  • Ruth and Shula on the phone: Shula is looking after Pip while the Ruth and David’s farm is closed and is taking her to and collecting her from school and there had been absolutely no problem at all. David comes in as they are finishing the call and says everyone is being so helpful and says that Pip is “tougher than she looks”. It is the only solution as they have too much to lose – though Bert isn’t going to like it.
  • Roy is working at Grey Gables when Lucas comes to see him – they discuss the way out of the problem with Kate and whether or not to leave Phoebe – Lucas thinks Kate feels guilty and his suggestion is to take Phoebe home with them but he will ensure she comes back in two weeks’ time – Kate is still Phoebe’s mother – Hayley comes in – they will have to take some time to decide.
  • Roy and Hayley discuss the offer. Roy believes Lucas but Hayley does not and that they will lose Phoebe forever. Hayley is scared of what Kate will do.
  • David and Ruth have a big favour/proposition to put to Bert. There is no point taking half measures which would mean that Bert should stay with them (without Freda!!) – Bert can have the bungalow and they will move up to the farm – it will be four weeks at least. Ruth and David will understand if Bert says no but Bert says “we are in this together” and agrees to stay. Ruth kisses him! Will Ruth be doing the cooking? No, Jill will be doing most of it.
  • Hayley, Ruth, Phoebe – Lucas approaches and Roy tells him the answer is no, Phoebe doesn’t go to South Africa but Roy will take her out to SA himself – he knows that is not enough for Kate but he can’t let Kate take her now.