The future for Glebe Cottage is unclear and Kate still doesn’t know which way to go

Radio Times: Lucas can deal with it.

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  • The siege is biting at Brookfield, Jill’s struggling to get used to it – Pip might even move to Glebe Cottage so as to be able to go to school.
  • Kate’s in a mess about Phoebe. Lucas is sure that she will see things more clearly in South Africa, but Kate’s concerned that Phoebe will only see her as a stranger, never a mother if she goes away again.
  • Chris is delighted that Shula is willing to buy the stables and the house. Shula passes this news on to her mother, suggesting that she and Alistair want to get it all done as soon as possible. With its impending disuse, would her parents be interested in completing the circle and taking on Glebe Cottage as Phil’s parents did when they retired?
  • At Home Farm Chris and Jennifer discuss the stable news (Jill’s been on the phone already). Jennifer wonders if Chris and George might not find a use for Glebe Cottage?
  • Kate’s still not sure what to do and Jennifer and Lucas are dicussing the future. He wants to go home and is resigned to it being three … or one. He wants Kate and Nolly to go with him, but is not sure which way Kate is going to go.