Roy is adamant that Phoebe should not leave and Kate is distraught at the news

Radio Times: Roy has nothing to offer.

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  • At Grey Gables Roy’s work is interrupted by Kate. She tells him about her chat with Hayley and promises that she’ll show Roy the return ticket this time – but he’s adamant that Phoebe should not leave for South Africa with Kate. She pleads with him to understand why she wants her to come, but Roy’s trust is completely gone and he’s not going to be changing his mind on this one.
  • The Foot and Mouth situation comes close to home – Little Croxley has a reported case and David plans to enter seige mode at Brookfield.
  • Roy reports his news to Hayley, who was worried that he might have relented, although he puts her mind at rest. They are reassured that they have unlikely allies in Kate’s parents who seem to be as upset at the prospect of Phoebe leaving as they are.
  • At Home Farm Kate is having trouble facing up to the intolerable burden of having to lose a child. Lucas suggests that sometimes sacrifices are necessary, but that’s not going to make the choice of leaving without Phoebe any easier for Kate to bear.