Kathy gets April Cottage and Hayley forsees some messy times.

Radio Times: Jack receives an offer

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  • Kathy calls on Jack to find out if April Cottage is actually up for sale again. Yes, it is, but Jack finds it very strange that the buyers have pulled out – they seemed so keen! He is lunched into reminiscences of past tenants – Martha, John, Hayley – and Kathy has to get a bit strident before she can stop his flow and actually tell him that she wants to put in an offer.
  • At the shop Joe, who’s at a loose end, is boring Betty with tales of offering to help out at Brookfield and all the other acts of neighbourliness that he’s been involved in. Betty is getting a bit fed up with him – isn’t there somewhere he needs to go ? he’s been in the shop for three-quarters of an hour already. Suddenly a phone call from Mike changes things … he wants her to abandon the shop to go and take a delivery at home for him. A bright idea occurs to Betty … Joe can mind the shop for twenty minutes. But no touching the computer!
  • Kate is trying to persuade Hayley to smooth things over between her and Roy. She has received Usha’s letter and is alternately belligerent and wheedling Don’t she and Hayley have a special relationship ? Hayley gives in to the extent that she will tell Roy that Kate wants to discuss things.
  • In the Bull Pat and the other school protestors are celebrating, they’ve finally finished the leaflet drop. Kathy arrives, elated with her news of April Cottage – Jack has accepted her offer. In a couple of months she should be out from under Pat and Tony’s feet.
  • Hayley also arrives – she is a football widow tonight. She tells Betty about Kate trying to put the emotional blackmail on, she things that things are definitely going to turn nasty from here on.

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