Jennifer finally speaks her mind and Kathy hears the good news about April Cottage

Radio Times: Jennifer offers her opinion.

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  • Kate and Lucas are in the midst of a flaming row; he is being reasonable and logical while Kate is being, well, Kate. To her, nothing will do but that he supports her totally – whether or not what she is doing is legal, or moral. Lucas grows more and more exasperated, Kate grows more and more stubborn, pig headed and downright bitchy. Jennifer arrives to see what all the noise is about; they can be heard from upstairs. Nollie is heard to be crying and gives Kate the perfect get out. Lucas is despairing and finally tells Jennifer all – he doesn’t think that Kate is intending to bring Phoebe back from South Africa at all. Jennifer is predictably upset. Something will have to be done.
  • Clarrie and Kathy are discussing clothes for the big party. Kathy has found a fairly startling black and white number that is very ‘Sixties’ – we don’t get to find out what though. Clarrie doesn’t know what to wear – she doesn’t think her legs are still up to a mini skirt. Then she remembers the news she has for Kathy, the buyers for April Cottage have pulled out – she’s not surprised though, she never thought they would fit in!
  • Kate is wheeling a grizzly Nollie out for a walk in the gathering dusk. Jennifer catches up and observes that it’s no wonder that the baby is fractious – with parents that are rowing all the time. Kate tries to pass this off by saying that they are not rows, just tension caused by having so many things to sort out before going to make a home for the four of them in Africa. She then retracts, saying that was just a figure of speech, but Jennifer seizes her chance. She then proceeds to give Kate the biggest piece of her mind ever (with a choir of thousands cheering her on) – Kate is not the only one to have rights, nor the only one to love Phoebe. All the time that she, Kate was away “finding herself” it was Jennifer who made sure that Phoebe remained part of the Aldridge family. Kate blusters wildly – she will take Phoebe, with or without Roy’s permission. Jennifer finally snaps and calls Kate the idiot she is. How far would she get? Does she realise she could never bring Phoebe home? In fact, if she does try to take her, Jennifer will be the first one barring her way.

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