Carl’s first day.

Radio Times: Carl’s first day.

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  • As Hayley is preparing to move into the flat at Nightingale Cottage, Jack brings her an old chair from himself and Peggy, her father is putting up shelves, her brother has been transporting belongings, Roy has been helpful, and even Kate has been round with the baby, and wants to have a ceremony to bless the new home.
  • Mike and Neil have brought Marjorie a load of logs and stop for a welcome cup of tea. Neil is less than happy when Marjorie pays Mike by cheque, as he hasn’t seen any of his share of the proceeds yet. Neil is annoyed to find out that the reason for Mike’s absence has been tractor work at Home Farm, a job he would have dearly liked himself. He is even more annoyed to discover that Mike has more tractor work tomorrow, but Mike does promise him his money by the end of the week.
  • Alistair wants to know why he wasn’t called to see the sick cow yesterday, as the infection could well be serious. If it Environmental Mastitis it could spread to the rest of the herd, and could be fatal. He sees through the economy measures, including not changing the bedding straw frequently enough. David and Ruth agree that they have had enough of false economies, and will change the straw regularly starting tomorrow morning.
  • George is not impressed with Carl, the new keeper, on his first morning. He won’t listen to George’s advice, but rather is telling George how to do the job. Jack puts it down to the keenness of youth, and tries to persuade George to be patient.

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