William’s big day

Radio Times: William’s big day

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  • William is celebrating his 16th birthday – ‘legally an adult’ in his eyes. Eddie and Clarrie give him a smart new jacket, and while William is grateful, his real excitement comes when he opens a card from Caroline containing a rather large cheque for him to buy the dirt bike he really wanted. Hayley arrives with a card and more cash. She is moving into Nightingales Cottage today, and is grateful for everyone’s generosity and help.
  • Ruth, Bert and David have removed the old bedding straw, and Phil is pleased to see they have followed Alistair’s advice. Phil has taken a message from someone interested in buying David’s car – he realises the wrench this is for David – and Jill has booked the Rumpus Room for Pip’s party.
  • Eddie bumps into Brian while delivering manure – unfortunate, since he is supposed to be doing some hedging work for Brian. The excuse is that he is waiting for a part for the hedger, but when Brian suggests he might find someone else to do the work Eddie is sure the part will be available now!
  • Hayley and Marjorie have sat down for a chat and a cuppa after the excitement of moving in to the flat. Marjorie has taken to Hayley’s family – her dad has done some jobs for her round the house – and it seems that Hayley is going to enjoy the attention and cooking that Marjorie will undoubtedly now begin to provide!
  • Brian is on the phone to Matt Crawford in advance of tomorrow’s breakfast meeting about the leisure complex. He wants to ensure that Matt pays particular attention to his objections, and he lets Matt know that Debbie is upset, suggesting that the board would not be impressed if Debbie were to bring a charge of sexual harrassment. As he puts the phone down – ‘Gotcha!’.

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