Caroline buys a double-page advert in Borsetshire Life so they’ll delete the photos.

Radio Times: Brian stamps on Lynda’s plans for the footpaths.

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  • Lynda hears of Caroline’s concerns over Borsetshire Life’s punch-up pictures and goes to see Glen Whitehouse, editor. Whilst she’s there Caroline calls him about the same matter. He juggles the two of them, putting Caroline on hold and interrupting Lynda. His offer to Lynda of burying the pictures in return for gossip from the powder room of Gray Gables’ country set was met with a resignation and a walk-out. Caroline yielded though to his demand of a double-page advert in return for guaranteeing to get rid of them.
  • Brian puts to Lynda his idea of proffering a strip of pasture behind Millennium Wood to the council for village use in return for Lynda dropping her objection to Adam’s footpath moving. She felt it was a bribe but would consider it. All was interrupted by her finally finding her mobile and on it the news from Robert; we have become a grandmother!

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