Matt’s shoe business does a runner. Peggy chooses the Laurels. Wayne finds Fallon a guitarist.

Radio Times: History repeats itself for Fallon.

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  • Fallon’s upset that her dad’s not been seen since Friday, and thinks he’s wandered out of her life again. His sudden arrival is met with a telling off from her. Turns out he was tracking down the son of an ex-girlfriend who can play guitar. And play quite well given Wayne taught him a bit. Fallon listens to the demo CD and is enthusiastic; if Rollo wants to join the band then they’ll have a future again.
  • Matt hasn’t had any payments from Terry’s shoe business for over a month. His phone calls to mutual friends determine Terry’s put his running shoes on and legged it to India, Matt’s investment with him. Lilian’s sympathetic and treats him to dinner out at Botticelli’s.
  • Jennifer and Lilian escort Peggy around various care homes. Peggy’s wondering if Jack’ll get his favourite liver and onions, and whether his room will overlook the garden and not the car park. Lilian points out no place will be perfect and it will be a change for him. Later, Peggy states it’s the Laurels. Nothing else will do. He’ll be looked after there and, most importantly, it’s close by.

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