Caroline does some straight talking: Shula must make an effort to revitalise her marriage.

Radio Times: Caroline tells Shula some home truths.

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  • It’s Ed’s final session on the Advanced Thinking Skills course, but his mind is on his new car and all the work he intends to do on it. William firmly resists all Clarrie’s attempts to persuade him to ask Ed to be his Best Man. He doesn’t want the greatest day of his life ruined. But he’s delighted that Ian is going to make the wedding cake, and goes in search of Caroline to thank her.
  • At Grey Gables Caroline is having a difficult day with several staff off sick, and then Shula arrives, wanting to talk over her troubles. Shula agrees to come round to Grange Farm that evening.
  • Ed has done well on his course, and he’s got a bar of chocolate and a certificate to prove it. His tutor tried to persuade him to work for more qualifications and improve his employment chances, but Ed’s not interested. Clarrie is delighted, though; it’s the first qualification Ed has ever achieved.
  • The recent spat with Brian is still getting Greg down, and he tells a sympathetic George about it. He admits that he’s worried about losing his job, but George makes him see sense and realise just how many good things there are in his life. Then Will appears, and asks Greg to be his Best man. Greg is overwhelmed – he’d be honoured.
  • Over supper Shula admits that she’s over-reacted to Alistair’s gambling, but she just doesn’t know how to put things right. Caroline suggests a holiday in the sun, but Shula puts up all sorts of barriers. For once, Caroline doesn’t mince her words, and accuses Shula of having double standards. If Alistair is looking for excitement, maybe it’s because Shula has become boring. She needs to do something about it, and do it quickly.

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