David and Ruth are impressed with Ashok’s photos; Ian is impressed with Brookfield lamb and beef.

Radio Times: Peggy gets match-making.

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  • Ruth is finding half-term wearing, with a house full of squabbling children and lambing pens to get ready for next week. She’s still shocked at Alistair’s behaviour, and none too pleased when David appears to side with Alistair. They are interrupted by Ian, who is full of admiration for the Herefords, and takes a gift of Hasset Hills lamb back to the Lodge.
  • Afternoon tea at Grey Gables is proving popular. Ashok and Usha are looking at one another’s photos over the toasted tea cakes, while Jack has managed his first outing since the accident, and is treating Peggy to tea. Peggy is still harping on about Ian and Helen making a lovely couple, and how Greg inhibits Helen. Jack tells her not to interfere.
  • Ashok and Usha show David and Ruth the photos (though Usha’s are all of Ashok, unsurprisingly). Everyone agrees that Ashok’s photos are wonderful. Then Alistair drops in, but the sight of the happy Archer family on film is too much for him, and he rushes off, leaving Ruth to explain to Usha.

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