Greg has a bad day, ‘got at’ by Brian and then Helen waxes lyrical about Ian’s charms.

Radio Times: Brian and Greg are at loggerheads.

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  • True to his word, Ian is busy visiting all the local producers in Ambridge to source ingredients for Grey Gables. He calls at Bridge Farm, where Helen is clearly very taken with his good looks and charm.
  • Greg, meanwhile, is feeling low. He still can’t forgive himself for what happened to Jack, and then Brian starts on him, first of all commenting that he should leave routine work to Will, then trying to make him round up more hen birds, although it’s now the close season. Greg points out that it would be illegal, but Brian pours scorn on that.
  • When he gets home, Greg tells Helen his troubles, then in walks Peggy, who has come to see Helen, but can’t miss an opportunity to be unpleasant to Greg. Helen tries to intervene, but when the subject turns to the charms of Ian, Greg can’t take any more and leaves the room.

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