Ian makes a start. The Parish Council look kindly upon Susan’s dream home.

Radio Times: Susan has high hopes for Christopher.

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  • Ian seems to be settling well into his job, and tells Caroline that he intends to source all his ingredients locally if possible. Caroline is very enthusiastic.
  • Now that Susan has heard about Christopher’s career decision, she is distinctly unenthusiastic. She wants him to stay at school and do his A levels, then go to university. Neil tries to persuade her that he has made a sensible choice, and would always have well-paid work. He points out that Roy, for all his university education, can’t put a roof over his wife and child’s heads.
  • At Brookfield, Pip’s eleventh birthday disco is underway. Unfortunately, Ian chooses this moment to call in and discuss Hereford beef. In the confusion Ruth forgets the pizzas in the oven.
  • The Parish Council meets to discuss Neil and Susan’s planning application. Ruth, Caroline and Susan wait for their menfolk in the Bull, where Caroline offers to commission Ian to make Emma and Will’s wedding cake as a present. Then the Parish Councillors appear. Despite Derek Fletcher’s prolonged objection to the proposal, the council has agreed to support the Carters’ application. It looks as though Susan’s dream will be realised after all.

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