Neil makes a discovery – that Christopher hankers to be a farrier.

Radio Times: Ed and Jazzer bury the hatchet.

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  • Another major row blows up between Shula and Alistair. He tells her she’s over-reacting; she tells him she wants to revert to individual bank accounts.
  • Ed’s venture into car ownership proves more of a problem than he anticipated. The dealer has ripped him off, but Jazzer sorts it out, and their friendship seems to be on course again. Ed drives the car back to Ambridge, without insurance or road tax, and gets an earful from Eddie. Will Ed never learn?
  • Neil comes to the stables looking for Christopher, and discovers him not with Leanne, but with Ronnie the farrier. Apparently the attraction is not so much Leanne in her jodhpurs as watching the farrier at work. Christopher tells Neil that he wants to be a farrier when he leaves school, and he’s found out about training courses. To his surprise, Neil’s all for it; persuading Susan might be a bit more difficult, though.

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