Nigel returns to his roots.

Radio Times: Elizabeth feels unloved.

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  • Now that Neil has solved the mystery of Christopher’s sudden lack of interest in Basketball, he can’t stop teasing him about his interest in Leanne and his mystery Valentine. On top of that, Susan is in nagging mode about Christopher’s GCSEs, so the beleaguered teenager decides to spend the afternoon with Emma and Will. On the way he meets Ed, who is off to buy a car with his earnings from the Kennels.
  • Usha is intrigued when she arrives for coffee at Lower Loxley to find Nigel on his knees in the garden. He’s looking for indicator species in an effort to rediscover the ancient grassland recorded in Uncle Edmund’s diaries.
  • When Elizabeth hears all about Usha’s romantic Valentine’s night out with Ashok, and sees the earrings he bought her, she begins to realise just how unromantic life with Nigel has become. He spent the evening consoling a heart-broken client, while Elizabeth dealt with a sick toddler. Then Nigel bursts in with the news that he has located a Quaking Grass and an Adder’s Tongue Fern. How can Elizabeth possibly compete with that?
  • Thinking his parents might have had their fill of nagging and teasing, Christopher returns home to watch the Rugby. But they seem to have got second wind.

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