Caroline starts laying staff off. Matt’s told he faces jail.

Radio Times: Matt faces a difficult truth.

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  • Brian invites himself into Matt’s who was missed at the Farmers’ last night, along with Stephen Chalkman. Matt blames a bug. Brian tells of his annoyance over Tom’s new backer, and that last night’s gossip was that Chalkman must have wife-trouble after playing away. Why else would he be on holiday when there are Borchester Land problems that need resolving?
  • Eddie’s still trying to sell his half of Fat Paul’s continental, Belgian-recipe, chocolate. Jazzer’s the only taker so far; there’s a chocoholic lady on the milk-round he wants to impress.
  • Caroline went to work briefly to tell Maggie and Catia that she was letting them go. Kitchen staff may be next. Oliver feels he’s concentrated too much on the dairy and needs to give Caroline more input and support. He’s thinking of retiring and offering Ed a tenancy at a rent he can afford.
  • Matt’s telling Lilian how his meeting with solicitor Russell went. The strategy is to blame Chalkman for as much as possible, and no doubt Chalkie’s legal team will try and do the reverse. But Matt’s had it made clear; if the case goes badly, and the SFO do have him stone cold, he’s facing a seriously long stretch in the slammer.

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