Lilian gives Matt an alibi; he does not want to speak to anyone just now

Radio Times: Matt keeps a low profile.

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  • Still no news from Matt! Tom is pressing ahead with a job advert and is very tempted to call Matt. Brenda counsels against spoiling Matt’s weekend and Tom decides to play it cool.
  • Meanwhile Matt is wrestling with a similar problem: he has not had a call back from his solicitor. Lilian counsels against spoiling his weekend: Russell is a busy man and has other clients too. Matt is so worried about being sent down that Lilian wonders whether there are more revelations to come.
  • Hayley starts work again this week but, as Roy explains to Lynda, she has mixed feelings about it. By careful adjustment of their shifts, Roy and Hayley will be able to cover looking after Abbie between them; a child-minder would be too expensive.
  • Still amongst the pigs, Brenda admits that she too is anxious about a lack of communication from Matt – does she have a placement for the imminent Easter vacation? Tom thinks she should ring him – and ask about Tom’s partnership too!
  • Lynda has a new project – to send an Ambridge villager as a volunteer to stand on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. Roy encourages her to go for it.
  • Brenda calls but speaks only to Lilian who tells her that Matt has flu; both she and Tom will have to wait for a decision. Tom is greatly cheered that the silence is just down to illness; Brenda is still worried.

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