Matt strives to stay out of prison and avoid shopping Chalkie.

Radio Times: Eddie tries the hard sell.

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  • In the dairy, Pat and Clarrie are getting ahead so that tomorrow will be easier for Clarrie: Pat and Tony are going to see Bryony’s lagoons.
  • Matt is looking for damage limitation but he doesn’t like what his solicitor is telling him. Russell’s advice is to offer full disclosure – agree to be open with the SFO; they already know most of what there is to know, but this way Matt might be able to ensure that they have the correct perspective – namely that Chalkie was the prime mover.
  • If Matt thought that the recommended course would guarantee that he would not go to prison, he is disappointed: Russell can of course raise with the SFO the question of immunity but it cannot be guaranteed. The best that can be hoped for is a reduced prison sentence.
  • When Eddie picks Clarrie up from Bridge Farm, he has another try to sell his ‘Belgian’ chocolate. Pat has not changed her mind and Clarrie is embarrassed. Eddie has high hopes that Jazzer’s purchase of chocolate for the current object of his amorous attentions will lead to improved sales – otherwise he is likely to lose money.
  • Matt and Lilian meet after the interview; he is not sold on the idea of cooperating and has already tried to contact Chalkie with a view to ‘fixing’ the problem. Lilian tries her best to get him to take his solicitor’s advice; he doesn’t rule it out but he is not ready to give up yet.

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