Carolines hair problems continue; Baby Spice arrives at the Snells; Brian tries to offer Siobhán material support.

Radio Times: Caroline is feeling grey.

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  • Lynda bursts in on Caroline in her office. Lynda comments on Carolines attention to her appearance. A long conversation follows with Lynda’s usual lack of tact and diplomacy, leaving Caroline feeling worse than ever.
  • Joe is out with William installing Baby Spice, and mentions that his last sighting of Oliver left him feeling that he didn’t look quite right. David is also on hand to help and they manage to load the cow up. A smooth unload at the Snells follows. Lynda arrives gushing about how lovely it all is. She tries to advise Joe on how to hand milk Baby Spice, though a quick demonstration from Lynda later, leaves her flat on her back in the mud, much to Joe’s amusement!
  • Brian calls in to see Siobhán. Things are very stiled and formal. Brian tries to assure Siobhán that he will give her whatever she needs. She initially takes this as an offer of emotional support but it soon emerges that Brian is talking only about material assistance. It also emerges that Siobhán has not told Tim of her pregnancy yet. Things end badly with Siobhán defiant that her marriage is over and Brian beating a hasty retreat.

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