Tim is persuaded to join Alistair for a training run; Bert solves Josh’s Jet dilemma; David berates Debbie for using her initiative.

Radio Times: Debbie’s competence is questioned.

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  • Tim has had a change of mind about the fun run and is out for a training run with Alistair. Tim, though exhausted, listens to Alistairs tale about his experiences when his first marriage fell apart. Tim is grateful for Alastiars persistence and his friendship. Maybe this is not the end of his world after all, even though it may seem like it right now.
  • Heather has brought Josh to help Bert feed the lambs. Heather tells how Pip is so helpful with Ben. The subject of Josh’s fascination with Jet comes up. Bert (farmhand / child psychologist) tells Heather of his theory that Josh is scared that Jet will be got rid of now that Biff (the new sheepdog) has arrived, and similarly he (Josh) is worried that he will also be turfed out now that Ben is on the scene.
  • David explains to Josh that Jet is not going anywhere, and similarly Josh and Ben will become the best of friends. All Josh related problems solved then!! Whilst Heather chats to David, Debbie arrives to sow the industrial rape on Davids set-aside. David is livid and goes into a tirade about Debbie not consulting him. Debbie is equally put out – it seems that her competence is up for question, and isn’t it about time that David credited her with a bit more ability.

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