The ferret trials do not go smoothly; Ed and Fallon smoke dope in the Estate’s shepherd hut; Brian is showing signs of stress.

Radio Times: Ferrets at the starting line.

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  • Ed and Fallon are chatting on the phone. The problem appears to be trying to find somewhere to “smoke”. As a last resort Ed suggests the old shepherds hut on the estate. Eddie’s untimely arrival stops the call, as he persuades Ed to help him trial the ferrets in preparation for the forthcoming ferret racing. The trials have their problems, with the ferrets not altogether co-operating.
  • Debbie is having trouble with the sprayer which Brian supposedly serviced the other day. Jenny arrives with coffee, and comments on how pre-occupied Janet is these days. Brian seems unable to concentrate on anything (wonder why….?). When Debbie and Brian discuss the willow crop his mind is still not on the job.
  • At the shepherds hut Falon and Ed are skinning up. Falon is not over impressed with the shabby hut and the creepy crawlies. Falon is not looking forward to her mother and Sid’s forthcoming country and western style pink Cadilac wedding. Falon also mentions that she has seen Oliver Sterling with hairspray sticking out of his bag – assuming it is for Caroline – under the thumb already!
  • Jennifer tells Debbie of her worries about Brian. She is convinced that his absent mindedness is all to do with worries about Hungary…..

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