Joe arranges to move Baby Spice; Janet continues to hurt for Tim; Alistair fails to persuade Tim to take part in the fun-run.

Radio Times: Alistair offers a shoulder.

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  • Bert is finishing off the milking when David arrives. A bucketful of blackmail later, David manages to persuade Bert to do the milking tomorrow afternoon too, whilst he (David) attends a Hassett Hills meeting at Home Farm. Joe appears to arrange to take Baby Spice over to the Snells. Friday is to be the day, but not before Joe manages to borrow the means of transportation from David at the same time!
  • Janet and Jill are late for a service at the St. Thomas Moore Catholic church and Janet is panicking. Afterwards, they admire and reflect on the Stations of the Cross. Janet makes oblique references to Tim’s situation by saying how difficult it is to want to help someone in pain and yet feel unable to do so.
  • Joe is talking to Ruth about the ugliness of babies, much to Ruth’s bemusement. Ruth tells David about Josh’s continuing fascination with Jet’s well-being. Bert has a theory about it, but is still formulating it at the moment.
  • Alistair has gone over to see Tim. Tim is still in a daze, surrounded by pizza boxes and no milk for tea. Alistair tries to persuade Tim to go on the fun run, though to no avail.

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