Oliver and Caroline are both paranoid about various aspects of their hair; Siobhán breaks the news to Brian – she is pregnant and going to have the baby.

Radio Times: Brian is stunned.

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  • Alistair, Shula, Oliver and Caroline are out to dinner following a concert. A lot of small talk about a number of things including the forthcoming fun-run, Daniels condition, and the awful lighting in the restuarant. Oliver is off to Hungary next week with Brian – just the two of them this time. Alistair is persuaded to ask Tim to take part in the fun run – as a way of bringing him out of himself. Whilst getting their coats, Oliver confides to Alistair that he is paranoid about a growing bald spot. Meanwhile, Caroline tells Shula that she too is concerned about the state of her hair. A “right pair” her and Oliver seem to be.
  • Brian is struggling to find Siobhán’s new flat. When he does arrive Siobhán comes straight to the point – she is pregnant, and it is definately Brian’s. Brian is shocked to say the least. After a few words, he gets round to asking her whether she is planning to have an abortion, couched in fine words like “her having a choice”. Siobhán is however most definite – after having lost one baby already, no way is she going to get rid of this one.

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