The Snells hold a thank you drinks party, Lynda agrees to Baby Spice grazing in her paddock, and Siobhán insists on seeing Brian tomorrow.

Radio Times: Home sweet home.

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  • The restoration work following the flooding at Ambridge Hall is virtually complete, and the Snells throw a drinks party by way of a thank you to all the people who helped them in their hour of need. (Must get the name of their super-efficient and understanding insurance company!!). Discussion between Jill, Jennifer and Janet turns to the bright red fridge – apparently the centre piece of Lynda’s new kitchen!
  • Ruth and Heather take Josh to feed the ducks. Ruth comments on how tired David is these days, with all the burden of running the farm on him at the moment. Josh appears to be taking an unusual interest at in the welfare of Jet the moment – to the extent of taking him cornflakes for breakfast! Siobhán appears and there are a few awkward words, although Siobhán is surprisingly overwhelmed by the sight of baby Ben!!
  • Joe sidelines Lynda to try to persuade her to allow the Grundy’s to graze Baby Spice on her Paddock. Lynda agrees, much to Joe’s relief, and he plans to get her moved as soon as possible. Ruth and Heather arrive and Lynda kindly takes Josh to see the goats whilst Joe escorts Ruth and Heather into the house.
  • Brian is fixing the sprayer when to his seeming annoyance Siobhán phones. Brian tries to keep the conversation on a casual level, but Siobhán insists on seeing him – and soon. With the arrival of Jenny, Brian hastily agrees to tomorrow night. Jenny detects there is something wrong but Brian manages to explain it away as being problems with the Hungary business.

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