Siobhán experiences sickness in the morning!

Radio Times: Hare-brained Eddie.

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  • Clarrie is trying to get Ed to go to the Job Centre but he’s not interested. No one wants someone with a criminal record. He’ll turn out just like Eddie. Clarrie thinks a job would help him think about the future, but he’s more interested in fixing Jazzer’s bike.
  • Eddie’s on the scrounge from William – chicken wire and plastic drainpipes. What is he up to with them. William doesn’t want to start nicking stuff from the Estate but he’ll have a go.
  • Siobhán is getting her flat sorted out. Getting some of her things about is making a great improvement. She’s been working so hard she’s feeling a bit queasy this morning – must be tiredness mustn’t it. Elizabeth helps her feel better by chatting about Brian and Jennifer being so keen on her new book.
  • Ed and William are helping Eddie build his ferret race track. Clarrie isn’t impressed. But Eddie’s booked a pitch at Penny Hassett Spring Fair to make their fortune.

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