Chalky calls for a chat but Matt refuses to change course.

Radio Times: An old friend comes to visit.

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  • He had only gone out to post a letter but Matt was surprised to be invited into a car – by Chalky.
  • After she has explained to Lilian that she has agreed with Brian a reasonable sum for Tom’s business, Peggy enquires how things are with Lilian. She feels trapped, simply because she can’t face people.
  • Chalky’s mafia-style tactic, he explains, is just to have an uninterrupted talk with Matt. He was unhappy about the way the phone call ended; he understands why Matt did what he did but he now wants Matt to withdraw his statement and decide what to tell the police together. Matt won’t play and advises Chalky to talk to the police. No way! Chalky’s parting words are an implied threat against Lilian.
  • Tom agrees that Brian’s offer is reasonable – better than Tom himself would have got. Peggy admits to having enjoyed the negotiation. However, she makes it clear that there must be no continuation of bad feeling.
  • Matt is relieved to see Lilian return safely, though he doesn’t explain why. He dismisses Lilian’s advice to report the contact to the police: it won’t do any good and it might do harm.

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