Matt is taking Chalky’s threat against Lilian very seriously.

Radio Times: Tony has one too many at Bridge Farm.

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  • Bridge Farm is buzzing. There are people from the council and the village come to hear all about the proposed new wetland scheme explained by the consultant – and there’s Annette too but Tony is still suspicious of her.
  • At least Brian has answered the phone to Matt, which is more than the other Board members are doing, but is no more cooperative. Matt wants to talk about an item on tomorrow’s agenda in advance of the meeting; Brian doesn’t. He imparts that Annabelle has something to say about it. Not fancying playing golf alone, Matt is at a loose end but he is uncomfortable with Lilian going riding alone: there are some dodgy characters about.
  • The Bridge Farm event seems to have gone well; Pat and Tony are both offered a cup of coffee by Annette but it does little to melt Tony’s hostility. Helen assures him she will be gone by Friday – not that it is any business of his anyway.
  • Tom and Brian have an amicable chance meeting and agree a handover date. Then they rehearse the old arguments about being open to reason and steam-rollering all over again.
  • Lilian returns to find Matt getting lunch ready. She reports being buzzed by a maniac on a motor bike three times. Matt suspects that Chalky is behind this; Lilian laughs it off.

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