Annabelle bursts Matt’s bubble; Emma bursts Joe’s.

Radio Times: History repeats itself for Joe Grundy.

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  • Ed calls on Emma for a last free coffee at Jaxx and hears all about Brenda, who has just poured her heart out to Emma: she is thinking of leaving Ambridge, really so that she doesn’t constantly bump into Tom. They agree he has been unfair to her. What is on Ed’s mind is Oliver’s offer; it’s impossible; he cannot even raise the cash for a business plan; he will sleep on it once more. What is to become of them?
  • The BL Board meeting considers Matt’s proposal to buy an ailing business on a prime site and develop it into housing. He had circulated the detailed proposal but, from the questions, nobody had bothered to read it. They conclude that, while it may be a good idea in principle, this is not the right time; there is no point in putting it to the vote.
  • Afterwards Matt confides to Brian that, in his view, Annabelle’s contribution was crucial; he believes she has her own agenda – to get rid of him; he declines Brian’s offer of lunch and rushes back to Lilian. Indeed, when left alone with Brian, Annabelle confirms that the current situation cannot go on; these are tough times; the business thrives on its reputation; guilty or not, Matt has to go. She and Brian should meet and compare notes on a possible successor.
  • Emma reflects to Joe that working for Kenton has not been dull but she is looking forward to a new start at Lower Loxley. She explains that Ed’s new start is not going to happen; Ed cannot come up with the £2K needed for a business plan. It’s an amazing opportunity and it breaks her heart to see him not do it but tomorrow he will have to tell Oliver. A disappointed Joe sounds pensive.

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