Joe comes up with the cash for Ed. Lilian takes a fall – or was she pushed?

Radio Times: Ed gets a fairy grandfather.

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  • Matt has had a bad night, dwelling on the BL Board meeting; Lilian cannot believe that Brian would plot against him: Brian is family! Matt’s solution is to expand his proposal with figures that cannot fail to make the BL board sit up and take notice. Lilian is going riding and before Matt can object, Shula is coming too.
  • Ed is busy with the cows – not a good time for a phone call from his grandfather – but Joe’s message is brief: don’t say no to Stirling until he has heard Joe out. Joe explains that it is possible for Ed to go ahead because he has savings intended for his funeral, but this is more important so Ed shall have the money for his business plan. Ed is beaten into submission but vows to pay it all back, however long it takes.
  • Nic is staying with Will over Easter but he has to work today: he must talk to Adam about implementing his proposal for game crops and he is more than a little miffed that Adam has so far done nothing. When Nic catches him later, he reports that Adam was barely civil; he resolves to talk to Brian. Meanwhile, Will’s father has volunteered to take Nic on a long drive this evening. That’s strange: Eddie is not given to doing good turns with no strings attached.
  • When Joe reports that Ed is going ahead with the tenancy, and how this is possible, Eddie announces a celebration – a trip to a real ale pub with Nic as the sober chauffeur (but she doesn’t know that yet).
  • Lilian returns from her ride rather shaken. Shula couldn’t go so she was alone and this time the motor cyclist spooked her horse and she was thrown. She now agrees with Matt that it was no coincidence especially when he relates Chalky’s parting words.

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