Chris and Alice have designs on a place of their own.

Radio Times: Christopher overcomes the competition.

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  • Clarrie has plans for a family Christmas and invites Ed and Emma to tarry a while when they collect George on Christmas Day. Eddie is off to do the milking at Grange Farm and Joe is excessively keen to accompany him – again.
  • While the cat’s away…; Alice and Chris are surprised by Jennifer’s early return and are almost caught in flagrante. Chris’s recent interest in equipping the flat above the shop is now clear: he has designs on renting it – away from prying parents.
  • Joe is feeling his age and with thoughts of his mortality declares his wish to see Alf again, getting a lift with William on Christmas Day. As Eddie prepares to treat the cows to a bit of Country & Western music, Joe declares his opposition to this: they are not used to it.
  • Chris and Alice have decamped to Ambridge View where they might have more luck at finding time alone. Alice’s phone brings a call from Basty; how did he get her number? Chris is not amused and has a crisis of confidence; there will always be smarter, richer guys about her. He need not worry: it’s him she wants to be with.
  • Unaccountably, Eddie’s CD player has fallen off a shelf, so the cows shall not have their music. Of course, he knows that Joe is responsible. The argument is interrupted by Ed, who was worried about his cows and not at all impressed by these two old fools upsetting them.
  • Alice returns home with guns blazing; she is furious with Jennifer for giving her mobile number to Basty and makes it absolutely clear – she and Chris are together and that’s the way it’s going to stay!

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