Chris fails to get the answer he wants. Jennifer fails to get the answer she wants. But George gets even more goats to go with his trolls.

Radio Times: Jennifer does not like what she hears, and Neil offers his thoughts.

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  • Chris has no time for a proper lunch, and makes a sandwich, to the petulance of Alice, who has bought salami and pate specially. But at least it saves Chris from having to endure a visit from Jennifer, bringing honey and eggs from Jill, and asking probing questions about the couple’s financial plans. Even Alice is guarded, and gets rid of Jennifer as quickly as possible.
  • Brian encounters Will helping himself to straw, not for the game birds but for George’s troll. Brian thinks Adam might help him make a scarecrow for Ruairidh.
  • The Carter troll for George is also taking shape, with assistance from Chris and his pliers. Chris seizes the opportunity to consult Neil about taking out another loan, but doesn’t like what he hears. Neil has never been in debt and thinks that is the best way to live.
  • Jennifer, convinced that her daughter is living in abject poverty in her ‘off the shelf marriage’, broaches the subject of money with Brian, who points out that Chris is earning good money, they live rent and mortgage free, and their present situation is character-forming. If they want to, Chris and Alice will find the money.
  • Alice finds Chris at work and apologises for her getting Chris into their current financial mess. Then, apparently and conveniently forgetting their financial mess, she talks of going on holiday.
  • George is delighted when he sees Will’s handiwork in the troll production line, and then tells his father that Emma and Ed are making a goat as well. Never one to be outshone by his brother, Will instantly decides to make not one but three goats as well as the troll.

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