Fallon becomes Ambridge’s own agony aunt.

Radio Times: Elona offers a welcome diversion, while Harry needs advice.

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  • Fallon lends a consoling ear to Jamie, who is still feeling bad about the events on recent weeks. He is very relieved that he won’t be required to give evidence.
  • At the Laurels, Lilian brings Peggy to see Jack. The visit proves difficult, as Jack is looking in the garden for Captain, his dog who died many years ago. Elona manages to talk Peggy out of her distress by telling her about her own children. Peggy is making Jack a birthday present of an enamelled tie-pin, thanks to Ted’s tuition.
  • Lilian is furious when she finds that her tenant at 3 The Green has disappeared leaving a bounced cheque for the rent and a mess in the house. She tells Fallon about it, and once again, Fallon offers consolation.
  • Fallon’s powers to advise and console are seemingly limitless. This time Harry is the one needing advice. He wants to take Zofia for a meal, but has no idea where to go. Bravely hiding her own feelings, Fallon suggests The Trout, and Harry is delighted.

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