Christmas comes early for Kenton at Holly’s. Jamie’s drunk again.

Radio Times: Kenton finds a new friend, and Jamie’s leading Marty astray.

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  • Kenton bumps into Holly, the thirty-something from Jaxx the other night, whilst out with Jamie. She says she is planning to drop in again tonight. When she does they get on well, once Kenton clarifies that he and Kathy are definitely over and have been split up “a while”.
  • Jamie intends to get wasted tonight. He is trying to cajole Marty, his underage mate, to buy vodka from Sabrina in the shop. They seem to succeed since he leaves a drunken voicemail for Kenton later. Kenton receives it just as Holly is getting the wine from the fridge at her place. They take it through to the bedroom.
  • Pip’s enthused over the barn dance planning, she has a band and DJ booked, and even has her dad making suggestions. She knew he’d come round to the idea. David reminds her to book driving lessons; he and Ruth are paying for the first few.
  • Elizabeth’s booked David a hotel room in Bath, but still doesn’t know if Kathy and Jamie are invited. David despairs, as per usual, at Kenton. Kathy is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

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