Nigel and Elizabeth hear of Kenton’s chandelier swinging. Kate and vuvuzelas arrive in Ambridge.

Radio Times: Kenton’s feeling very rough indeed, and Kate arrives home.

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  • Brian can’t sleep for thinking of Matt. He has to be up early to collect Kate from the airport. She starts unpacking in the hallway, to Jennifer’s disapproval, in order to show the vuvuzelas she has got Phoebe and Ruairi. With Phoebe staying at Home Farm too, Jennifer will have double the enjoyment of them.
  • Kenton staggers in, reeking of alcohol, and is sent to his room by a loud Elizabeth before the children see him. When she takes them to school, Nigel manages to deliver some coffee and paracetamol. In return he hears about Underwoods department manager Holly, blond, big eyes, who knows some tricks in the bedroom. It was never exactly swinging from the lampshades with Kathy.
  • Lizzie delivers the picnic to Nigel and the other Madeleine pickers. He tells of Kenton keeping the customer happy. She sees it as cheating on Kathy, after all Kenton still hasn’t said they’ve definitely split up. How would Kathy feel if she knew? How could Kenton do that to her?

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