Kathy is thinking of trying again with Kenton until Elizabeth tells her of his brush with Holly.

Radio Times: Kathy’s hopes are dashed, and Jolene is grateful for the We Love the Bull campaigners.

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  • Kathy’s surprised to hear from Jolene that Kenton took Jamie shopping; Kenton must be making an effort. Jamie says nothing these days other than she is an awful mother.
  • The church is soliciting comment on a gravel tray for the peregrines attached to the tower’s louvres. Fallon helps Harry shop for furniture. Lucy has had Sidney, 9 lbs 6 oz, and healthy. Kate is already forgetting Phoebe’s school bag.
  • Jolene is more than happy for help with the quiz nights, flower baskets, and the pub menu. The support of the We Love The Bull group overwhelms her.
  • Kathy calls on Elizabeth and explains Kenton’s been seeing Jamie. Maybe she has been too hard on him, jealous even. Nigel urged her to give Kenton another chance, what does Elizabeth think? Should she, for Jamie’s sake? The honest sister says Kenton is never going to change and there is something Kathy should know before deciding. Kenton had a one-night stand on Wednesday night with a customer from the bar. Kathy’s stunned. She could never forgive him for this, as far as she is concerned, it’s all over.

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